New Years Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong

Fireworks are found to be the best way to celebrate a new year, without which the celebration felt to be incomplete. So it is great to watch, as it lightens the sky up and makes a person happy by looking at it. 2018 NYE fireworks in Hong Kong is proved to be the best one and is denoted as the most anticipated and premiere events in every year. So for the ones who want to visit this place during the New Year, you get to see how the way they celebrate it.

The full blast of Fireworks makes the evening really special for all. Nearly, the ones who are present over here enjoy this New Year celebration really well. Lots of other activities also take place along with the fireworks like the dance and food. This two entertainment makes people feel that this is the best New Year celebration.

 Countdown and Fireworks

The NYE Fireworks in Hong Kong is not the same as the way Chinese people celebrates it or the national day fireworks. As they contain the 20 plus extravaganzas, which is launched from harbor and land. A particular point is selected for the firework to take place. Over here the countdown of the new year takes place. The previous it took place in the IFC tower with the light and firework show. Such shows lasted for a bit longer time. The atmosphere created by such shows is really great. Most of the people enjoyed it a lot.

The limelight recently got transferred from the IFC tower to Hong Kong exhibition and convention centre and also in the island side of Hong Kong. Just over here the countdown to New Year gets started. The range and scope of fireworks also been increased.

The NYE fireworks show has lasted or increased of around eight minutes more. The fireworks have launched from the land on both the sides, also at the harbor barges. So the fireworks can be watched from any place in Hong Kong.  The new improvements and features gets continuously added. As the previous year the shooting star was featured before the countdown. The light splashes every fifteen minutes from rooftops of buildings, which surrounds the harbor.


The New Years Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong count down will start at 31st December. It will start sixty seconds before midnight. The countdown will contain the shooting stars, which will start from 11:00 pm. Next it will have the bursting of crackers from the rooftops. The great way to celebrate New Year festival can be seen from any place in Hong Kong.

Best places to watch

Some of the best places where you can watch this firework in Hong Kong is the Tsim sha tsui, Hung hom Bypass etc this are some of the places where the sky with fireworks looks great. So New Years Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong, remains the most memorable for many people. As it welcomes the New year in a very special way.