Christmas celebrations in Hong Kong

It can certainly be said that the city of Hong Kong is not really a destination which has a classical charm attached to itself especially when it comes to 2017 Christmas celebrations. The Christmas in Hong Kong is not really a very traditional event. Some residents of course look forward to passing on the day with little or no fanfare but the majority of the residents are really very eager to bring about the Christmas spirit throughout the city. The city of Hong Kong is a modern city and does not possess too many buildings or places having an old world charm, to which one can relate the spirit of Christmas to, nevertheless the celebrations continue in style throughout the city.

Xmas Decoration

As mentioned earlier, the city of Hong Kong is essentially a modern city. The idea of Christmas is quite modern in this city too. The people are quite eager to celebrate the spirit of 2017 Christmas in Hong Kong. The city is covered throughout with the skyscrapers, during the time of Christmas; different kinds of lights are strung across each of these skyscrapers to make the city look like as if it were glowing. Every shop of the city too is wrapped in different kinds of colorful wrapping paper. The White Christmas can also be heard to be playing from as if every speaker present in the light draped the city of Hong Kong.

More décor

The list of the Christmas events present in the calendar will give the people more idea about the Christmas celebrations in the city. Holiday entertainment is what is provided to the people during the period of Christmas. One can also celebrate Christmas in a very traditional manner too right in the heart of the city.

 Real Christmas trees, Christmas decors as well as Christmas carols are sung in the city of Hong Kong to let the people know that Christmas time is here. Moreover also present in the city are Christmas themed parks where the spirit of Christmas can be felt in abundance. The Christmas holiday of a person can be spent in one of these Christmas themed parks such as the ever entertaining Disneyland.

Parks on Christmas

Christmas in Hong Kong is quite incomplete without the people visiting the different parks which are worldwide attractions of Hong Kong. There are two such major destinations in Hong Kong during this time namely Disneyland and Ocean Park. Both of these entertainment parks pull over all the stops to ensure that the people get a Christmas like feeling while being in the parks, trees, and lights as well as fake snow all make up for a spectacular Christmas show. One can also expect for Santa Claus to make a sudden appearance along with his group of elves as well as reindeers.

Christmas in Hong Kong is taken to a different level owing to the entertainment that is provided by these theme based parks. Both Disneyland as well as ocean’s park is recommended for tourists, but Disneyland with more America flavors of course hold the edge over the other parks of the city.