Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2016

Traditions of CNY

Hong Kong is the ultimate destination for parties and celebration. In fact this nation is known for its color, richness and spectacle. However the Hong Kong is best known for its Chinese New Year Celebration in 2018. In fact Hong Kong is one of the best and sought after destination in Asia where New Years Eve is celebrated in a grand manner. Though Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city yet it celebrates the ritual and practice that are more than 1000 years old.

The inhabitants of this country retains numerous superstitious believes during the HK Chinese New Year. The Hong Kong New Year celebration follows many traditional practices and believes that revolves around the concept of good and bad luck. One of the key feature of New Year is it forbids cleaning. According to the ancient belief cleaning takes away the good luck.

The celebration is all about merrymaking, eating, fireworks and color. The celebration brings in a hue of colors. And among them the bright colors are highly preferred on this particular day. Therefore if you are visiting the city during the New Years Eve then make sure to pack some dresses with bright colors.

Another important part of Hong Kong Chinese New Year is flower. The inhabitants of Hong Kong prefer colorful flowers over the white lilies. In fact they decorate their houses and offices with flowers and ribbons. The colorful flowers are considered to be lucky. The Victoria Park has a popular flower market which remains crowded throughout the last week of New Year. This is the best place to purchase well decorated bouquets. Some of the best seller floral is narcissus, recommended for prosperity, peach blossom preferred for romance and kumquats for good luck. And almost every family in Honk Kong purchases at least one of these three flowers.

The inhabitants of Hong Kong prefer to remember this celebration happy memories and celebration. The discussion about death or discussion about deceased relatives is strongly forbidden during this part of the year. They also pay off all their debt to get rid of extra burden which again is considered as a bad omen.

The people usually visits the local temple built by their forefathers who had once settled in this foreign land The Wong Tai Sin is one of the popular temple that experiences more than 7 million visitors during this day .

However the best celebration takes place at New Year Carnival which displays fireworks, unending colorful procession with different costume and themes. The celebration ends with a late night dinner mostly arranged by the local governing body.

Hotels for Lunar New Year

If you plan to stay in Hong Kong on Chinese Lunar New Year occasion, there are thousands of hotel rooms for you to choose from. Of course you need to book few months in advance to get the best place as well best price. Check out the link below for your perfect reservation.